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PLAY SAFE. LINDEMANN App & Firmware Update

Firmware Update

For the enhanced protection of your personal data the music streaming providers (Tidal, Qobuz and Co.) increase their general safety requirements.

For this reason the transfer of your access data to the respective music provider will be reorganized. There will be (almost) no changes as to the operation; entering your password and username will remain as simple as before. It’s just an internal/technical alteration of the app and your streaming device.

As of now we will, of course, make an appropriate update available for all our streamers and the respective apps (MUSICBOOK & LINDEMANN).

Please install the supplied updates by no later than Dec. 31st, 2020. Older firmware or app versions may no longer be fully operational from Jan. 1st, 2021.

An update is available/necessary for the following models:

  • musicbook:20/25
  • musicbookDSD:20/25
  • musicbook:SOURCE (new devices and upgrades)
  • Limetree BRIDGE
  • Limetree NETWORK

Please note: The musicbook: 20/25 and musicbookDSD: 20/25 will not report automatically when a new update is available. This must be started manually: SettingsDevice SettingsSoftwareCheck for Updates. As usual, all other models will point to the corresponding update.

Besides your LINDEMANN device (or its firmware resp.), do not forget to also update the LINDEMANN app. This is done as usual via the App Store (iOS) or the Google Play Store (Android).

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